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One of the major components of the Making Sense of Health resource is a series of nine films which have been shown on BBC Television as part of its schools programming. The Puberty & Relationships film won an International Visual Communication Association gold award for the Best Film in Education. The IVCA awards celebrate the year's top achievements for excellence in the communications industry, in originality, creativity and production arts in Europe.

Judges' Citation: 'Contemporary and fresh, addressing potentially sensitive issues with credibility and humour to allow comfortable debate among the target audience. The quality supporting material will facilitate application in the classroom. An outstanding programme.'


IVCA Winner: Gold Award for Best Film in Education for 'Puberty & Relationships'

National Curriculum

How Making Sense of Health is compliant with the National Curriculum through Key Stages 1-4 (age 5-16)


What is Making Sense of Health and what topics does it cover?

Support Material

• 9 films on 4 DVDs + bonus material
• Online resource
• media files
• extensive documentation
• over 300 lesson plans and

Contributing to Government Strategy

Contributing to Government Strategy The Making Sense of Health programme has been recommended to be mainstreamed by the 'All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care & Public Health'. Read more.

Background & Research

Why was the programme developed and who was involved?


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